ALGOMA - Reclaimed by the Forest CD (DBM 009)

Image of ALGOMA - Reclaimed by the Forest CD (DBM 009)


"Reclaimed by the Forest"
DBM 009 (2013)

From the dark Canadian woods comes lumbering forth the heaviest Sludge Doom band from Northern Ontario! Dead Beat Media is proud to announce the debut album from AlgomA, titled "Reclaimed by the Forest". Drenched in despair and depression, AlgomA is a three-piece sludge band in the vein of Eyehategod, Grief and Fistula. This noisy trio also takes influences from Canadian cult bands like Kittens and Shallow North Dakota. AlgomA is ready to crush you in a wall of down-tuned guitar, bass and skull battering drums. Featuring one of the best album covers ever done by the mighty Adam Geyer!! Be prepared for the onslaught, the Sludge Apocalypse is HERE!